Delete Ration Card Online

Delete Ration Card Online / Ration Card surrender Certificate / Deletion Certificate of Ration Card / Procedure to Get Ration Card Deletion Certificate Online

As we know that if a person shifted from one place to another place, Surrender or Deletion Certificate of ration card is required if he want to make new address ration Card. In this article we are providing complete information regarding to get Surrender or deletion certificate of ration card online.Furthermore, this certificate is also helpful when you are about to add Spouse’s name in the Ration Card.

The person can apply to delete ration card. The applicant should put up his/her application to circle FSO / e-Disha center where the applicant permanently resides. People keep moving from one place to another, it could be due to work or education or any other reason.And when it comes to Ration Card, you will be required to apply for a new Ration Card and this can be done in very easy steps.

Procedure to Delete Ration Card

Applicants are required to submit the application such as Form  at the District Food and Supply Department office.Surrender / Deletion Certificates – Ration Card are issued only when any of the following situations occurs:

  • Change in Place of Residence
  • Marriage of a Girl
  • Death of a member in the family
  • If the family is divided

How to Get Surrender Certificate / Delete Ration Card

All the state Govt has provided various facilities regarding ration card that It becomes an easy task for people to get Surrender or Deletion certificate if you follow below mentioned steps.

  1. Visit to the District Food and Supply Department Office.
  2. Now get Application form for Deletion of Ration Card. Application form for the same is available at the District Food and Supply Department local office or you may get it online.
  3. Fill up the Application form and handover it to the office person.
  4. Once all the formalities are completed then you can get the Surrender Certificate on the same day itself.

In this way you can take the surrender certificate on the same day and time which may help you to make the new ration card in other city anywhere in India.

Fees to Get Surrender / Deletion Certificate 

Applicant have to pay Rs. 10/- as application fees to get Deletion or Surrender Certificate. But make a note of the fact that this fee can differ from one state to another state.

Note: The above fee will be collected by the Concerned Official / e-Disha center at the time of receiving application.

Also Read: There are certain rules that you need to follow to add another family member name or delete member from ration card in ration card online /offline all you do is just follow the simple steps that we are shared.

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