Eligibility For Ration Card

Eligibility For Ration Card / Who can Apply for Blue / Pink / Yellow Card / Eligibility for Different Types of Cards


Through this article we are discussing about the eligibility for Ration Card such that we have mentioned details about different types of ration card and conditions under which one can get Blue / Pink / Yellow Card. As we that Ration card is very useful document in India. India’s public distribution system (PDS) is based on the ration card, which it uses to establish identity, eligibility, and entitlement. The following types of Ration card are issued in India:

  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana(AAY) Cards: Antyodaya Anna Yojana Cards are issued to poorest of the poor families living in rural areas and urban slums.
  • Below the Poverty Line (BPL) Cards: BPL Cards are issued to poor families living in rural areas and urban slums.
  • Above the Poverty Line (APL) Cards: Above the poverty line (APL) cards issued to above poverty line families.

To more about types of ration card in India, Click on the link given below:

Types of Ration Card

Eligibility for Ration Card:

If a person has no Ration Card:  In this case, the individual must produce a certificate from the Panchayat Pradhan / Nigam Parshad / Halka Kramchari (Revenue Kramchari) / Panchayat Sewak / Tax Collector the concerned authority in writing, that the person has no ration card. After that he can apply for new ration card.

Duplicate Ration Card: If you have misplaced or lost your Ration Card, the competent authority can issue a duplicate ration card.You can get complete information details regarding to get a duplicate ration card through the link given below.

Download duplicate Ration Card

Eligibility for Blue / Red / Pink Ration Card

The person whose earnings are less then Rs. 10,000 per annum falls under BPL category can get this colour of card and they are liable to receive food and grains at very cheap cost by Government.

Eligibility for Yellow Card:

The people who don’t have a stable income at all or aged people above the age of 65 are eligible to get yellow card.Yellow Card Holders will be liable to get Food grains at cheap cost.

Eligibility for White Card:

The person who have earning  more than Rs 10,000 per annum get white ration card.People who belong to APL are given White ration, are not liable for food grains though Government.

Ration Card procedure:

The applicant shall submit the application for issuance of Ration card along with the above supporting documents and paper to block level supply officers in rural areas and sub divisional / district level supply officer in urban areas.

Documents Required for Ration Card

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