Ration Card Types and Use

Ration Card Types and Use / Types of Ration Card in India / Ration Card Details about their Colour / Uses of Ration Card

In this article we are providing details about Types of Ration card in India. In India mainly three types of ration card are issued to the people. Ration is given based on the category of the people and these categories are based on their Income status.Ration Cards play a vital role in India for Public Distribution System.Basically there are three types ration cards which are given below.

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Types of Ration Card in India

  • Antyodaya Ration Cards 
  • BPL Cards – Below Poverty Line
  • APL Cards – Above Poverty Line

Antyodaya Ration Cards :

  • People who are having monthly income less than 250/- gets Antyodaya Ration Cards.
  • Old Age persons, Unemployed people, Labourers come under this category.
  • Under Antyodaya Ration Cards there is one more card for senior citizens called as Anna Yojna, AAY Cards.

BPL Cards – Persons Below Poverty Line

  • The people who have earning less then Rs. 10,000 per annum falls under BPL category and they are liable to receive food and grains at very cheap cost by Government.

APL Cards – Persons Above Poverty Line

  • People who are having annual income more than 10000/- per annum get APL Cards.
  • These category are not liable for food grains though Government.
  • APL card mainly used as identity proof.

Colour Wise Categories :

Blue/ Pink / Red Ration Card 

This colour of ration card is issued to Bellow poverty line whose income is below Rs. 250/- per month.These peoples are liable to get food, grains and gas at cheap rate.

Orange Ration Card:

It is used by Above Poverty Level people. whose income is more than 10,000/- These peoples do not get any facilities on food or Gas.

Yellow Ration Card 

This card provided to people who comes under Below poverty line. These are very poor people who don’t have a stable income at all.For them government issues Yellow ration card.

Uses of Ration Card :

  • Depending on the economic condition, people can purchase essential things such as kerosene, sugar and food grains on low cost if they are carrying ration Card.
  • In India Ration card is used as identity proof.
  • Ration Card can also be used for validating your address for two other important cards PAN Card and Passport.
  • Ration Card is useful for getting a new LPG connection.

Temporary Ration Card

If you don’t have ration card, you can get it and avail facilities provided by Public Distribution System.For distributing food grains government also issues temporary Ration Card to those who doesn’t have a original ration card so that proper facilities can be given to the needy people.

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