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Current time every state of India become a digital place under our pm digital india campaign.most of state have their own digital portal which is provide every government office related work through your mobile or laptop via internet for every common resident.

In our Today article we are talking about one of the digital portal which is releted to Karnataka state of India.if you resident of Karnataka please read this article till the end.

What is that portal?

If you are a Karnataka resident then this article is going to make you happy. The portal that we are going to talk about in this article is Seva Sindhu Karnataka. Which has been launched by the state government of Karnataka.

Objective of the portal

Seva sindhu is a portal which was initiative by government of Karnataka.The main purpose of it to deliver all to the home for every citizen of Karnataka.The goal of this portal is to bring all government departments services and schemes on one platform.

Seva Sindhu services

The following services are available on this portal:

  • Revenue Department
  • Commercial Tax Department
  • Department of Drug Control
  • Department of Labour
  • Food and Civil Supplies Department
  • Department of Planning
  • Transport Department
  • Department of Women and Welfare
  • Department of Ayush
  • Youth Empowerment and Sports Department
  • Department of Information and Public Relations
  • Department of Kannada and Culture
  • Empowerment and Senior Empowerment Department of Empowerment.
  • Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms
  • Bangalore Development Authority.


All services related to above mention department are available on one platform name is seva sindhu. However we are telling you some important benefits available on this portal below.

  • Residents of the Karnataka get profit of administrative services of various departments.
  • Incorporated helpdesk will be accessible for residents to explain questions and resolve their issues
  • The residents can get to Seva Sindhu Portal Online other than available time likewise and present their solicitation for the administration.
  • Residents can follow the status of their administration demand from anyplace and anytime.

Registration Process

If you don’t register yourself on this portal please follow below steps and register yourself now for getting benefits of this portal.

• Firstly visit official website name then must follow this steps

Apply for services➡new registration➡Application form(fill up carefully)➡submit

Log in Process

Visit official website then follow this steps Apply For services➡enter credentials➡log in.


How to check status?

If you want to check your application Status follow below simple process.

Official website➡Track application➡ Application reference number/OTP➡enter info.➡submit.

After click on submit button a new screen will appear with your Status.

Important initiative (COVID-19 service)

Now days, the whole world is affected by the corona epidemic. The reach people of the world did not affect as much as other class due to their money . They get rid of from any problem very easily by their own money, but the poor and middle class people are badly affected by this pandemic.

People who are away from home for their work, this epidemic has become a big problem for those. Since the central government has shut down all facilities to control the epidemic and due to this, all transport services have also been shut down.

Due to which many people are trapped far away from their home. this article is about many such trapped labourers, for whose help the government has made systematic initiative through a portal.

Many people of Karnataka went to the other states for work and stuck there similarly people from other states of the country stuck in Karnataka. Citizens of Karnataka state who want to apply for the travel pass can apply through Seva Sindhu.

Those citizens who are currently in Karnataka and want to travel to the other states of the country, within the state or people who want to come to the state can apply by following few simple steps.

Open official website➡ Covid-19 : Apply here to travel to other Indian states from Karnataka OR Apply here to travel from other countries to Karnataka OR Covid-19:

Apply here to travel to Karnataka from other Indian states➡Application Form(where you put your personal details like present address, travelling address, mode of travel, and quarantine details then and upload I’d proof and read declaration form)➡click on I Agree➡Add Captcha➡submit.

Rules of quarantine

  • citizens of the state who came back from the state Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu,Madhya Pradesh and Delhi have to stay 7 days Institutional quarantine after this the 7 days of home quarantine.
  • For those citizens who came from other states and medical professionals, nurses, paramedical staffs, ambulance staff sanitation personnel and people of the rural area who are staying in their farmhouses under 14 days home quarantine.
  • No quarantine rules for business passengers but they have to show the negative COVID- 19 medical test(From any ICMR approved Lab.) report obtained within 2 days before  the date of travel.
  • DRDO,Defence, Para-military, Railways, DRDO, ISRO, PSUs in a dedicated guest house or quarantine facility of the concerned organization have to go under 14 days Institutional quarantine.

Epass (For Rail and Flight)

How to book your appointment in form of epass here we are providing some easy steps to get epass on this portal.

  • Official websiteà COVID-19: OTHER STATES TO KARNATAKA BY RAIL / AIR FLIGHTS – APPLY HERE E-PASSàApplication Form (fill the details like name, Mobile number,travel date, adress,and I’d proof)àRead declarationàtick on boxàenter captchaàsubmit.
  • Your process is complete after that.

Inter district epass(for industries)

Visit Official website➡ Apply Here for Inter-District Epass for Industries

Registration process ➡New user? ➡Register here➡Application form (fill required details)➡Enter OTP➡submit

How get Epass

Login -➡fill form and mandatory Documents➡submit

How to check epass status (for industries)

Official website➡ Apply Here for Inter-District Epass for Industries➡check your application Status➡enter department, service, Application Id➡check status Now.

Give your reason for travel

This is applicable for pending applicants who have received sms from state.

Visit official website➡click here

Enter mobile number➡get OTP➡enter OTP➡reason for travel➡uploade document➡complete process.

Powerloom workers application (Covid-19 relief)

Visit official website➡ COVID 19: ONE-TIME FINANCIAL RELIEF FOR POWERLOOM WORKERS – FY 2023-21➡login (for new user Register first yourself then login)➡fill Application form and upload necessary documents➡submit.

Barbers/washerman application (COVID-19 Relief)

Visit official website➡ APPLICATION FOR ONE TIME RELIEF FOR BARBERS/WASHERMEN”➡ proceed to apply” ➡Application form(fill the required details)➡Read declaration➡Tick on I Agree➡enter captcha➡submit.

Registration for Auto driver(covid -19 Relief)

To get relief amount of 5000 for auto driver you need to follow below steps for registration.

Official website➡ Disbursement Of Cash Relief To Auto-Rickshaw Drivers & Taxi Drivers For COVID-19➡Application Form(Fill up carefully)➡Tick on Check box➡enter code➡submit.

Contact Details and Help number

Please Contact the following Numbers for more information.

Final Words

This portal has been released by the Karnataka government.Last,we have tried to give you as much information as possible about this portal.

After reading this article hope you will not have any problem related to this portal.

if you are still facing any problem on this portal then you can tell us about it through a comment. Which we will try to reply to you as soon as possible. Please stay on our plateform to get such great things.